Dews Of Love

Misty Thoughts

Enchanted Tree

Mum's World

Perfect Day

Golden Caress


Lost in Time

Rain Gods

Sands of Time

Shores Await

Marching Sea

Hide n Seek

Speaking Tree

Claim to Fame: Selected for Financial Diary(2007-08) of e-Nxt Financials Ltd., Mumbai.


Ray of Hope

Roots n lights

Pouring Hearts

Hazy Grazy

Vision of Love

Reaching Out

Eyes of Nature

Barren Soul

This reminds me that Heaven Truly exists.

Place: Vasai, Maharashtra, India
Time : After the First rain of 2007

This was clicked while standing at the edge of my Building's Terrace.

Playing Alone

Place : Suruchi Beach, Vasai, Maharashtra, India.
Time : Sunet in Month of May 2007


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