Project 104

Hi all,

Just to inform you all, I have undertaken Project 104. Wherein I ll upload 2 new pics every week for next 52 weeks.

Hoping to get atleast 104 (52 x 2) good pics by next March. :)

Long Wait

Long Wait

Our Story

Each of their faces has got some story to tell. :)

Some Bunch of Happy boys from Mira Road.
After I showed them their pic in my Display window following slang I got to learn
"Bhai, Photo bahut Hard aaye la hai"

Two is Company

Two is Company

At first, I didn't like this Photo, Then I liked it and now I love it.(Although I got no reasons for the explainations)

Black is Beautiful

Golden Carpet

golden carpet


Pac Man

Unless you have played the game Pacman, U wudnt understand why the title Pacman

Someday I shall win





Golden Caress

Golden Caress

God of small things

Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City
City's Poor still at work even after sunset

Racing against Time


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