This was Clicked in Tringalwadi Village near Igatpuri, India.
It was Chilling cold in the morning and I clicked while I was Shivering.

Shiva Temple atop Tringalwadi Mountain
Place - Tringalwadi, Near Igatpuri, India

Aperture : f/9.0
ISO : 125
Exposure Time: 1/1000
Exposure Bias : -2.0


Wish that Human Thoughts are as clear as this reflection.
Place- Tringalwadi Lake, Near Igatpuri, India

Aperture : f/5.6
Exposure Time : 1/320
ISO: 125
Focal length : 6.3mm
Exposure Bias : -0.30

Twilight City

Place- Girgaum Chowpathy, Mumbai, India

Silver Dreams

The title says it all.
Place- Mumbai, India

Claim to Fame: Selected for Financial Diary(2007-08) of e-Nxt Financials Ltd., Mumbai.

Aperture : f/9.0
Exposure Time : 1/640
ISO : 125
Exposure Bias : -0.30

Giving Hope

Water + SunLight: The most important elements of Life
Place- Flora Fountain, Mumbai, India

Aperture : f/7.1
Exposure Time : 1/800
ISO : 125
Exposure Bias : -1.70


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